Los Angeles- January 31st, 2011

Fuisz Media LLC today announced that it has received notice from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for patent allowance for claims covering its proprietary digital media advertising and sales process, Visual Image Marketing (VIM). The patent, “Method, Apparatus, and System for Providing Access to Product Marketing Data” establishes the intellectual property base for VIM.
The VIM method is a next generation technology process for product placement and interactive advertising that complements the growing integration of computer and television technology.
“What’s really exciting about VIM, is that it allows for all of this fantastic product data without interfering with the viewer’s normal experience. We are talking seamless integration of product placement and purchase. Imagine you are watching your favorite show and you want to buy something you see, maybe a shirt or sneakers. This is what VIM allows you to do by identifying, and linking the product seamlessly into your entertainment experience. The opportunities for studios, content providers, and marketing partnerships are endless.” Justin Fuisz, Managing Director of Fuisz Media Group.
“This patent allowance is a significant milestone in the establishment of our intellectual property portfolio. We look forward to continuing to create successful relationships with all facets of the media and tech industry. Our platform is flexible and able to contribute to the bottom line of virtually any content creator. VIM is a win for both the producers and the consumers”, concluded Justin Fuisz.

About VIM:

Visual Image Marketing is a revolutionary marketing method for digital video, which allows users to make purchases and learn more about a product without interrupting the viewer’s experience.

About Fuisz Media Group:

Fuisz media group is an affiliate of Fuisz LLC, specializing in digital marketing technology. Fuisz is a family held company with broad technological interests and a long and proven track record in innovation.

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